Start Practice Group

Start Your Practice Group

Practicing in a group has many advantages. Engaging in thoughtful discussions with others can help enhance your understanding of sales and marketing, and introduce you to new skills that help to increase sales and profits. Meeting regularly with your group can also reduce procrastination as you grow your business and team.

Starting a practice group?

When you form a practice group, you’ll likely be seen as the “leader” and people will expect you to keep everyone in the loop. To help you, we give you access to your own private online group to make it easy for you to send updates to the group and also allow members to communicate with each other outside of regular meetings.

To keep each session running smoothly, you’ll have access to weekly practice topics and discussion questions. Taking the initiative to form a practice group might seem daunting at first, but the benefits it provides make it worth it in the end.

The benetif to you and your group

    • To bounce off difficult marketing and sales problems.
    • To get unstuck.
    • To challenge each other marketing and sales perspective.
    • To inspire each other.
    • To find new creative marketing and sales solution.

If you are asked to join a well-structured marketing and sales practice group, consider yourself lucky. You should probably jump at the opportunity. Actively and enthusiastically participating in the group will be one of the single best things you can do to up your marketing and sales game.

How we help you get started

    • Access to training to invite people, run mastermind session
    • Your own private online group and discussion and forms
    • Schedule online Zoom meetings
    • Access to new practice marketing and sales exercises each week
    • and more

Contact us today to find out how if creating your own practice group is right for you.